Friday, December 12, 2008

The Human Shield Business Model

Here's how the Human Shield Theory of business operates: Rather than relying on the natural flow of the market--in which businesses are run by interested holders of capital--this business model relies upon the guidance of mercenaries with little or no interest in the success or failure of the enterprises which they guide. This lack of incentive has the same inevitable result as it does in any bureaucratic endeavor: the function which the bureaucrat is supposed to serve (in this case earning a profit for the shareholders) is not served! How then is such an enterprise to continue? With a little help from the people that the company's board members, (board member's cousins, nephews, real estate agent, what have you) have sent to represent them... er, um the people of this or that constituent district. If however there remain some palms left ungreased, there is a simple and well practiced fall back position to assume: Hold the livelihoods of the employees as one would A HUMAN SHIELD! Very clever. Though we must hold the same position against such ruthlessness that we a supposed to hold in more serious matters of this sort. We do not negotiate with terrorists--and we should not negotiate with incompetent executives that act as petty terrorists. Hurray that the GOLDEN AIRBAG is dead for now!

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