Saturday, April 18, 2009

Public Allies or Public Enemy?

According to, "Public Allies is an American non-profit, largely taxpayer-funded organization, dedicated to youth leadership development" that is affiliated with Americorps. shows Americorps subsidiary "Public Allies" to be lobbying for Charles Rangel's Military/Civilian Draft legislation (H.R.393).

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In's website ( they list the chronology of ideas on National Service in which they mention "The Moral Equivalent of War." (?!) by William James. For those who are unfamiliar with these ramblings, I will present a short but bitter dose:

"Martial virtues must be the enduring cement; intrepidity, contempt of softness, surrender of private interest, obedience to command, must still remain the rock upon which states are built... Men are now proud of belonging to a conquering nation, and without a murmur they lay down their persons and their wealth, if by so doing they may fend off subjection. But who can be sure that other aspects of one's country may not, with time and education and suggestion enough, come to be regarded with similarly effective feelings of pride and shame? Why should men not some day feel that is it worth a blood-tax to belong to a collectivity superior in any respect? Why should they not blush with indignant shame if the community that owns them is vile in any way whatsoever? Individuals, daily more numerous, now feel this civic passion. It is only a question of blowing on the spark until the whole population gets incandescent, and on the ruins of the old morals of military honor, a stable system of morals of civic honor builds itself up. What the whole community comes to believe in grasps the individual as in a vise. The war-function has grasped us so far; but the constructive interests may some day seem no less imperative, and impose on the individual a hardly lighter burden."

So that's what these people believe i... i-in... ahem... sorry I threw up a bit in my mouth.

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